Ultra Thin Veneers

Dentist Serving Monterey, Carmel and Nearby Areas of California

Ultra Thin VeneersEmprethin, non-preparation veneers, are the latest innovation in cosmetic dentistry. We are proud to be the peninsula’s first dental practice to offer this state of the art, veneering solution.

Emprethins are very thin veneers, made of compressed ceramic, and designed to mimic the brilliance of natural teeth. They are changing cosmetic dentistry because they do not require the same level of tooth enamel preparation as their traditional counterparts. Dr. Kern places Emprethins over a tooth’s surface to enhance its color, shape and position in the mouth, resulting in a beautiful smile.

Dr. Kern often recommends placement of Emprethins for patients who desire the effects of orthodontics but prefer not to wait for their ideal smile. Emprethins are also a top choice for patients who want to correct chips in teeth, close gaps and repair weakened enamel.

To learn more about how Emprethins are innovating dentistry and enhancing smiles, please schedule a complimentary smile consultation with Dr. Kern.