Smile of the Month

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Susan is an amazing person whose greatest joy is traveling the world and learning about other cultures.

During our first conversation about her care Susan expressed concern over some recent gum recession, and shared that she disliked seeing her gold restorations when she smiled.

Together, we created a plan to first address Susan’s gum health needs and worked with a periodontist (gum specialist) to restore her gum tissue to optimum health; creating a comprehensively healthy oral environment. Next, Dr. Kern replaced Susan’s gold restorations with state of the art, tooth-colored porcelain and resin restorations.

Susan's Smile - BEFORE

Once completed the dental work also helped finesse Susan’s bite aiding prevention of the reoccurrence of gum recession.

With her refined smile Susan expresses joy in every language.

Jenny Rose wanted her four front teeth longer because her teeth were worn and appeared very wide. Dr. Kern did a "mock up" so Jenny could visualize the look we were going for. Jenny also wanted a...

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