Patient Testimonials

Dentist Serving Monterey, Carmel and Nearby Areas of California

Dr. Kern, you are an amazing dentist and your staff is incredible. When it comes to going to the dentist, I have always been so fearful, but you and your wonderful staff changed all of that for me. I can now walk in and know that I am in the care of the greatest professionals on the Monterey Peninsula and possibly in the world! I recommend you to everyone I meet, because everyone notices my beautiful smile! Thank you so much for all the effort you and Kevin put into your practice, it shows on the smiles of all your patients!
- Theresa


My experience with Dr. Kern and all her staff have been excellent. We have been seeing Dr. Kern since we arrived over 13 years ago and have always appreciated the dental care and advice given.
- Charlotte

Dr. Kern and her dental team have always treated me with care and understanding. They always greet me warmly like a friend and give me a lot of personal attention. Dr. Kern and her team are always smiling and full of laughter. They make coming to the dentist a treat!!!
- Rosemary

I take great pride in my teeth and they are in good hands with your team. I completely trust your management of my dental health. Traci was very thorough and patient with me. Stacey is the most skilled Hygienist I have ever had. She has excellent communication skills, made me feel at ease, confident in her care and delivered with the most thorough cleaning, scaling and root planning I ever had, and with absolutely zero discomfort. Incredible! Thank you for developing such a wonderful practice.
- James

I feel very comfortable at your office and love the staff and spa surroundings. My appointments and dental care office have always been a very happy experience.
- Kendra

Dr. Kern, you and your staff are excellent. You always make me feel so welcome and comfortable. I think you're doing everything right. Thank you again.
- Haz

Personal attention to detail and quality of work fully warrant the smile of doctor, staff and patient alike. 
- Wes

How could you improve on the Best? The staff always makes me feel so welcome. Tracey and Stacy were very accommodating when I mistakenly showed up early for my appointment. I am glad that I didn't miss my appointment, but know if I had, you would have been just as understanding.
- Teki

Every single one of you is exceptional at what you do. It would be difficult to single out anyone who is above the others in each individual position.
- Jeannie

EVERYone was absolutely wonderful! I never thought going to the dentist could be enjoyable until now.
- Kristy

Aside from the temptation to ask for the ridiculous, like hors d’oeuvres and a cocktail, I can't imagine anything that could be added. You not only care for my teeth, but care for mental peace as well; before, during, and after a visit. Thanks for my gorgeous smile!
- Layne

I love you guys and you know I would speak up regarding anything, relevant or not. Michael thinks you are all great too and can't believe it took him so long to join me as one of your fortunate patients.
- Fran

From the first phone call to my office visit Dr. Kern and the staff get an A+ for their ability to be comforting, understanding and completely competent!
- Kristine

I was so amazed over the sanding technique. Thank you for taking care of my baby. I'm so grateful to have your team for our dental care. We love you guys!!!!!
- Carol

I really appreciate Stacey's work, care and concern for my health issues as well as her gentle way. Dr. Kern is simply a "Rock Star" in my book and I'm one of her biggest fans! I certainly recommend your office to everyone I meet.
- Alan

I've recommended several new patients recently as a result of my high regard for your professionalism. Dr. Kern is simply "the Best" and Stacey is one in a million! Congratulations on assembling such a tremendous Team!
- Tom

Dr. Kern, Stacey and Traci.... I travel 75 miles each way to my dental appointments... Believe me I am not saving money using Dr. Kern, I simply go over and over because your team is the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Dr. Kern and her office team.
- Neil

For someone who is scared of the dentist, Dr. Kern and the staff make it enjoyably. One thing that stands out in my mind, is that Dr. Kern takes the time to say hi to her patients, even if she isn't treating them, that makes a big difference.
- Brian

Everyone in Dr. Kern’s practice goes out of her way to make me feel very comfortable in what I consider by its nature an uncomfortable situation. At every opportunity, I let people know that there is a great dental practice out there that works with people every step of the way for their comfort and need. Stacey is my usual hygienist and she is very caring and careful.
- Wayne

I love each and everyone on the team!!! I feel like a rock star with every visit ... and of course I love my smile!
- Tucker

It's hard to improve when you have a well-run practice with some of the nicest people imaginable on your team!
- Jeff

Everyone has always been terrific and the care I get is untouchable by any other dental practice!
- Dan


I always feel very comfortable and welcome when I'm at the office! I love the extra touches of comfort -- heated neck role, hand paraffin, water bottles, etc. You are all doing a great job!
- Marce